Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IFF reading and AVI writing bugfix

I've taken a few days off from CD-i work, mainly to catch some sleep. So there is only a small amount of progress to report today.

Yesterday I wrote and debugged proper IFF reading code. Well, it turns out the IFF reader itself was pretty much "obviously" correct but there were major bugs in the interaction of buffering and the SetPosition / SetLimit functions of my CArchive class.

Once finished, I added rudimentary IFF dump code (just chunk header info) to cdifile and proceeded to use that to test the IFF code against some "real" files (mainly WAVE and AVI).

Using my "bad" Burn:Cycle AVI from before I found the cause of the badness: the dwLength field of the audio 'strh' chunk was ridiculously large. Turns out I misread Media Player: the AVI claimed an audio length of 33 minutes although in reality it was only about 6. It had to be some bug in the aviio.c file that I've taken from MESS/MAME (this is allowed by the license for that file, which is now BSD).

I did come code reading and tried some "obvious" fixes, but not until I added tracing code today did I find the culprit: the total number of samples was being incremented way too much on each audio buffer flush. The fix was an obvious oneliner that I've also submitted to MAME and MESS.

You can download the fix here.

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