Sunday, October 10, 2010

CD-i Emulator 0.5.3-beta1 released!

I have just released the new version of CD-i Emulator. It has received very limited pre-beta testing, but that's what public betas are for.

I've changed relatively little since the prebeta1 version.

The most import change is the addition of the Help | Report menu option that contains a link to the new Report section of the website and will automatically fill in most of the information fields on that form when clicked.

Unfortunately, to make this work properly I had to touch most files in the sys directory to add correct player model, extension and digital video cartridge identification.

I've also added checksum reporting of DV cartridges, let's find out how complete my current collection is. These checksums will not (yet) trigger an "Unknown ROM" dialog if unknown, but they are posted with compatibility reports.

The -writepng option also had to be fixed to support macros in its filename, otherwise each video frame would overwrite the previous one! The macros that I've decided to support for now are $seq$, which produces a 6-digit sequence number and $time$ which produces the 6-digit frame time (mmssff).

The Release Notes have been modified to include these changes.

Use of the input recording/playback functions revealed a number of bugs; I've fixed those and also added more player information recording so that recorded input files contain enough information for compatibility reports (this isn't used yet).

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