Friday, April 7, 2023

Announcing CD-i Emulator version 0.5.3-beta6 for Windows

A new beta release of CD-i Emulator is now available from the Downloads section of the CD-i Emulator website at

Release notes can be found in the RELNOTES file; a summary is available from the Release Notes section at

This is the sixth beta release for version 0.5.3. It is hugely out of date with the current development version 0.6.0; the only reason for its release is to get a working version available again.

The only major change is that emulation speed throttling has been fixed for modern machines so games running at unplayable speeds should be a thing of the past.

Note to would-be crackers of this version (you know who you are):

I really would prefer it if you didn't. There is really no need!

As with all previous beta versions, using a Mono-I CD-i system ROM (also called BIOS) will give you unlimited emulation functionality; this is the same ROM file needed for the MESS/MAME CD-i driver.

This beta version also has the NVRAM save functionality enabled, and before the built-in beta date limit expires a new beta release for version 0.6.0 should be available.

To obtain unlimited emulation functionality with a different CD-i system ROM file, please buy the unlimited edition of version 0.5.2 which is still available at

Activating the unlimited edition on your machine will also unlock the unlimited emulation functionality of this beta version.

If you like my work and/or would like to support future development, you can also send me a donation. You can send PayPal payments to or use one of the following websites:

Have fun emulating your favorite CD-i titles!

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